New Product Development Consulting

Fhyzics New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certified consultants helps organizations to establish innovation framework and new product development process.

Innovation Framework

In a way, successful New Product Development is a number game. When large number of ideas are generated there may be one silver bullet idea which may result in the next blockbuster product. Many organizations rely on one or few individuals for that one next best idea and fail to create a system for generating such new ideas. Fhyzics NPDP certified new product development consultants can help your organization to create an engine that will churn out new product ideas and a framework to qualify the best ideas that will be put into the NPD Process to deliver sound products.

NPD Process

Fhyzics NPD Consultants are certified as New Product Development Professionals of Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), USA and have experience in implementing NPD Stage-Gate Process in diverse domains. The number of stages may range from 3 to 12 depending on the complexity of product development and the extent of due diligence required by the organization. The typical implementation starts with enterprise analysis in product development, formation of NPD cross-functional team, training of the team, development of organization specific process, implementation of the NPD process and auditing of the process to ensure smooth functioning. A sound NPD process makes the difference between NPD Gambling and NPD Success.


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