Supply Chain Management Consulting

Fhyzics’ certified and experienced SCM Consultants offer consulting services in the following areas.

Supply Chain Design

Whether it is a new organization coming into existence or an existing organization its efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the customer demand with the right product, at right quantity and at right time is a function of its supply chain. As the customer expectations evolve and the competitive landscape changes, an organization need to periodically evaluate its supply chain in its entirety to make it relevant and cost effective. Fhyzics helps organizations to design or redesign their supply chain from an end-to-end perspective that is from procurement to customer service. Fhyzics’ approach is process-centric where the key processes are identified, mapped with current and future states, validated and then implemented which results in the new supply chain.

Enterprise Inventory Policy

Inventory is the lifeblood of organization. In some of the manufacturing organizations, inventory amounts to about 30-60% of their balance sheet. When inventory assumes such importance, it becomes vital to manage the inventory in an effective manner, where the Enterprise Inventory Policy gains its share. Inventory policy refers to the framework established within the organizations for various processes connected with the inventory such as identification, ordering, holding, measurement, movement, auditing, monitoring, controlling etc. Fhyzics SCM consultants will thoroughly review your organization’s inventory practices and help you establish an Enterprise Inventory Policy, which will enable you to better control your inventory. The outcome of this exercise will result in an EIP Manual that becomes an Standard Operating Procedure for your organization’s inventory practices.

Supplier Audits

Fhyzics supports organizations across the globe, who are sourcing from India. Whether you have presence within India or not, it does not matter. Fhyzics SCM Consultants will help you end-to-end right from identification, due diligence and on boarding of new suppliers. Or you might have identified the supplier but would like to ensure that they have the capability and capacity. Fhyzics team of consultants can deliver reports based on supplier audits with personal visits supported by facts and documents and photographs. Our consultants, who are qualified in APICS, USA and Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply certifications adopts the global best practices in supplier audits.

Supplier Certification

Supplier Certification is the framework established by an organization to convey the minimum standards expected out of its suppliers all the time. Supplier Certifications are not static, but dynamic to pass on the continuous improvement goals of your organizations to the supplier side. Fhyzics APICS, USA and CIPS, UK certified consultants will help your organization to establish the Supplier Certification in alignment with your Corporate Strategy, Vision and Mission. Organizations that have a sound Supplier Certification creates a unique culture both within and on their supplier side to deliver superior customer experience.

Supply Chain Risk Management

In the quest for adding new markets and increasing the diversity of sourcing regions, all supply chains are increasing the risk as well. When these risks are not identified, analyzed, monitored and treated it will have a significant impact on the bottom line of an organization. Fhyzics team of certified SCM Consultants armed with the worlds best supply chain body of knowledge both from APICS, USA and CIPS, UK will thoroughly analyze your supply chain and present a comprehensive report on your Supply Chain in terms of its risks and how to manage them. The report will be in alignment with ISO:31000. The scope of the risk assessment will be people, process and systems involved in the supply chain. The data capturing will be carried out both by the consultants and equipment.


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